Career Talk Nov 2013

Future beyond post-doctoral fellowship in the City of Edmonton

November 28th @ 3.30 pm in CCIS 1-140 

Presenter: Rajesh Jaiswal 

The vast majority of post doctoral fellows (PDFs) face challenge to find a faculty position. In addition, many PDFs lack Plan B and end up working as postdocs or research associates for several years. The City of Edmonton which is a powerhouse of innovations and entrepreneurship has almost all the ingredients to help you build and succeed in your Plan B. Join us to explore various funds/grants and support to build your future.

Please click the link to check the Seminar PPT for details.

Rajesh Jaiswal is the Manager Enterprise at the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC). 

Rajesh possess an extensive educational background and has a mix of academic, government and private sector work experience. While studying in Saskatoon, Rajesh started a take-out restaurant which was ranked 2nd best (had a tie with the Moxies) in customer experience within 6 months of its inception. In 2009, while doing MBA, Rajesh developed the concept of “Standby Electricity Saver Device” which was presented at Canada’s prestigious Ivey Business Plan Competition. The Future Shop launched a similar device in 2012. To his credit, Rajesh has 3 world records and has received 22 academic and research awards including several of national and international merit. Rajesh works as Manager-Enterprise Edmonton at Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and is currently on a 2 year secondment to TEC Edmonton as industry Liaison. His role is to support the growth of Nanotech, biotech, clean tech and ICT sectors.