Career Talk April 2014

PDFA Career Seminar: Combining Science and Business - A Rewarding Career Path

The PDFA will hold our first career seminar of the year this Thursday. Our invited speaker, Jacqueline Shan completed her PhD at the University of Alberta. Then went on to become the founder and CEO of several companies in Edmonton. In the last month, Jacqueline published a book describing the peaks and valleys in the life of a woman entrepreneur with a big national profile. 

Please check out the website for more details about her story:

Speaker:  Jacqueline J. Shan, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Afinity Life Sciences Inc. 

Time: 12 pm on April 24, 2014

Building: CCIS, Room: 1-031 (CAPS Career Centre Room in CCIS)


Please check more photos and Dr Shan's bio here.

Some feedback from the audience and responses on how this talk was useful to them:

  • It was inspiring, at the same time thought provoking.
  • To hear the personal story of Dr. Shan. Very inspirational.
  • Encouraging, young people shouldn't be scared to take the risks and challenging.
  • Taking risk, be adaptable, and hard work. Be positive. You can not do everything, you need to communicate with people.
  • Insightful.
  • Pursuing a dream, never give up.
  • Meet my idol today.