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PDFA Executive Council 2017


The PDFA is designed to provide information, resources, support, professional and career development opportunities. We also host various social events for PDFs on campus.


PDFA members are postdoc fellows from all university faculties. Our activities are overseen by the PDFA Executive Committee, elected from PDFA members every year.


The PDFA offers several events that highly relative PDFs campus life each year, including career seminars, coffee and cookies networking activities, annual Research Day, and annual travel awards for PDFA members. The topics of our networking sessions are to be decided in discussions with the members of the PDFA community to determine their needs and critical issues. The PDFA Executive Committee will then decide, organize, and execute the chosen activities.

PDFA council:
The PDFA council forms the sole governing power of the PDFA at the University of Alberta by its annual election. The council’s decisions are binding even for non-assisting members. All PDF officially registered with the PDF office on campus are eligible to both run for office and vote in the election.

There are nine posts on the council, including the president, the vice president for academics, the vice president for communication, the vice president for finance and five at-large members.

More details on the council members' responsibilities, council’s decision-making, electoral procedures and the succession of council membership can be found in our Constitution.

2017 PDFA council members

Position Name Home Department
President Richard Kanyo Department of Biological Sciences
VP Academic Jessica Lieffers
School of Public Health
VP Communication Anni Hamalainen
Department of Biological Sciences
VP Finance Camille Dejos
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
VP Social Wei Zheng

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

At-large member

At-large member

At-large member

At-large member

Kate St.Onge

Zoey Zhang

Abhilash Rakkunedeth

Bing Cao
Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Educational Psychology

More information on current council members